Tuesday, August 31

Lets learn literature!

Theres just something about you, i think you're one of the most colourful person if not the most that i've ever met and will ever meet. and im not talking about clothes :)
 - anonymous man 

Another way (by words) of complimenting a woman, ayh anonymous man? Good job! From now on, i'v come to conclusion thattt......
i like literature (well if you call the above phrase so, because from my point of view literature is actually something that requires your mind to think beyond ordinary thinking -of normal/direct sentences, because this phrase is definitely not direct at all kan?)!
It kills somehow, to understand whats the real meaning. But theres always something beautiful about it (literature). alaa just like the Sonnet-18, simply beautiful isnt it? But there were rumours saying that Sonnet-18 is made for a guy, Shakespeare tu GHAAAYYYYY??

Monday, August 30

random, but awesome.

and i smile a lot now,
well im happier somehow.
no i dont know what is up with me,
i laugh too much recently.

despite all the workdloads i need to face at the moment,
at least i know im still, indeed, ha-ha-happy ;)

Friday, August 27

and making pictures, of WHERE THE LINES OVERLAP!

finally! finally finally finally!!!
a wish came true. well not exactly but almost! ALMOST!
this is what i'v been waiting for since 5years back.PARAMORE LIVE IN MALAYSIA! my home-country, people!!!
and im not gonna miss this golden opportunity to watch MY FAVOURITE BAND, can u imagine A SMALL ORANGE-HAIRED GODDESS JUMPING AROUND in front of my eyes? and this time i swear im gonna get the standing pit ticx, wooohhoooo!!

thank you a bunch to Parawhore facebook fanpage for Malaysians and
THANK YOU PARAMORE for making this happen (will)!

Thursday, August 26

designer's stool (katanyaa)

i spent the whole night trying to produce a furniture design board, trying to elaborate in words of what i already designed. believe me, im a last minute person. i dont do good in designs, whenever i feel like putting more effort to it, i ended up doing the most important thing to submit tu last minute jugak. although earlier dah ada other informations and things to put up in the board, somehow smua yg nk letak tu kne squeeze in and rejected, jadi tinggal sikit haa.
what you might see below is the designer's stool board that took me around 6 hours to finish (along with some distractions or shall i say with no full concentration lah senang. haha)

oh and the 3D and vray rendering, was designed and constructed within 2 hours, later after my earlier glossy-printed-board been commented by my furniture design lecturer Mr.Nizam "please put 3D and take off other unnecessary sketches" haha damn, hilang RM10 mcm tuu je, dah la kne print baru lagi, hish. but thats okay, thats what we design students have to face, lack of time lack of money, thats the life. our life :)

boleh lagi cepat je sebenarnye bwt 3d tu tp badan dh lemau time tu x tidur more than 24hours so, yeah, slowww.

Wednesday, August 25

Its Not A Dream Anymore, WHOAH WHOOAAH.

This is one of the most historical moment of my life
and i'd do anything to experience it again! <333

Everdearest Paramore, perhaps 07 / 03 / 2010 was just another ordinary tour concert of yours but that date had officially marked as the undeniably awesome-st night of our lives.
Be a darling and come again to South East Asia soon because we'll be there! Promise :')