Wednesday, October 28

too little time

its been a very very tough semester.
and i couldnt catch up on
that much.
i want to get in deans list again, like i did twice in a couple of previous semesters.
im trying and doing my very best to do well.
an answer of not signing into you lately, deary blog.
im sorry.
but heres a sneak peak of wut i'v done a little bit for finals so far :)
its a hotel, a MUNCHY'S corporate hotel, i named it MODISH,
to resemble cheerful yet stylish concept im applying to the designs.
and the building site is at Kellie's Castle, just like a hotel in horror movies.
hahah not! this should be a boutique hotel, SHOULD be. :P

do not whine, i know they look terrible.
especially when i simply snap those photos from my 'cikai' handphone. haha
i only had 10% of my normal sleep just to get them done on due time!
please tell me u like them :D:D:D

the sketched BITE ME restaurant.

compare them, the rendered restaurant :\

main lobby, red and blue? its the corporate colour of Munchy's former logo.

mini gymnasium, just a tiny viewed angle of the space.

an A0 size ground floor plan, this is just the ground floor,
there should be a 1st floor, 2nd floor and 3rd. just imagine!

wish me luck for my presentation this coming thursday 29th. i am going to impress my lecturers, not just on drawings and rendering skills but also by explaining everything in design language, till they drop! hahahha :P