Thursday, February 25

please let me win =|

please let it be my luck this time.
i noticed i barely got lucky. seldomly.
everyone needs it. and tomorrow i need that too, baaadly!

dear GOD, i hope my tomorrow's-wish would be granted with superluck!
pretty pleeaaase? :[[

why does it feel sooo right when its wrong?

Tuesday, February 23


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mood swings

this menstrual thing im having for this month is really pissing me off.
after the horrible period pain i had yesterday slowly calms down,
another situation came out!
i never really this emotional when im having them
and i can normally control my feelings just fine.
today i realized that i am not at my best behavior, not even less than worse, probably the worst in the history of teekay's-menstrual-day!

made the colleagues and dear-darling kept asking me on an on whether im okay.
despite all the "im alright la" or "hmm? ok je" they can actually tell my face expression
and voice tone that im not. the only thing im good at today is just, crinkle my foreheads looking all angry and upset. i dont even communicate friendlily while answering ppl's question.
thats sooo mean of me, but most of the time today, my hands kept shaking and my brain felt like its gonna explode straightaway when i want to react to something or someone, what am i supposed to do? i can control thattt!

perhaps the only thing that can amend this bad baaad behavior is the paramore live in singapore tickets fly fms having.. wish wish..

p/s: i managed to speak 'bye' with a cute smile to the officemates before head out from the office though.. :)

Monday, February 22

i was on radio

for the 1st time!
well not really 'on' radio, but i got a call from hunny madu.
for the PARAMORE live in Singapore contest!
im the 1st contestant hunny madu called for the contest!!!

i was a bit bored of the period pain im having earlier,
so i decided to listen to the radio since i know Fly fm is having a contest
of free tickets to watch myfav band of all time in S'pore, on this 7th of March.
if u were listening to Fly fm 12.35pm sharp, u'd listen to how excited i was when i got the call. and felt like, matsaleh for a moment when i speak quite fluently on the radio. hahhahaha

heres the result!

click image to enlarge

im not lucky enough :(
unfortunately i only got 1 mashed up songs right.
the other two was totally wrong. it was because, paramore had most of the songs in the same range of music, almost the same chorus and style of singing so basically it was kinda hard to figure out what the 3 songs are! its ok, my sister is trying out too, i hope she gets the tickets! because if she does, we both are going to the concert together!!!!! aaaaaarrrhhh!

p/s: im not really a concert or a crowd person, but when it comes to Paramore, i'd do anything to see them live and have them here! i'd do anything to be the number 1 fan in malaysia!

period pain!

reminder, this only occur to females, whos having their period.
sometimes it happens to me, sometimes i passed without any terrible pain,
i was awaken by the pain this morning at 6.50am. and there i was sweating like i didnt switched on the fan that night. the fan was running on number 4, my room wasnt that big either, so basically number 4 is, cooler than cool!
i spin around on the bed and moved alot, finding a sleeping style that might comfort me for awhile.
nothing! nothings working. i felt like squeezing-hard and take my lower stomach out instantly!

and here i am, at home, alone, couldnt find the strength to attend monday at the office.

as i woke up again at 9.20am after kept on awaking every 10 minutes,
i put on my fullest energy to heat some water.
mom says, hot drinks can always relieve the period pain.

then i drank the plain hot water. half and hour later,
leganya skrg! at least lega sikit and i can make breakfast,
to gain some energy and blood because all i can see in the mirror is my lips turning pale!

Saturday, February 20

papers make origami of art.

Yulia Brodskaya loves typography, paper, and highly detailed hand-made craft objects. She has swiftly earned an international reputation for her innovative paper illustrations and continues to create beautifully detailed paper designs for clients all around the world. She totally has gifted fine hands :)
Some talents that i proudly respect!

Here, i include some of her papergraphy artwork that might pop your eyes out or just maybe put ur mouth on 'wow' position without even saying the 'wow' :


my fav!

awh how i wish i can have these beautiful origami all over my room walls :)
got paper? got art!

Tuesday, February 9

things started to get a little bit hectic here

at the office ofcourse.
i came in quite late today. at 9.35am. it was entirely not my fault tho.
not that i blame kak jeha for taking a long time to get ready to hit our offices,
but she's taking 15minutes away of my 'normal timing' arriving at MY office.

boss was pretty upset. i had drawings and 3D design submission to be done by lunch hour.
and there were still 20% left untouched since last friday.

i tried to continue doing the 3D at home in my laptop, but the application kept lagging and jammed the 3D to 'not responding' condition. i tried and tried restarting the computer and the application itself but it wont work, the file was too big for my laptop to run *i seriously need a new PC for sem 6 --antara hidup dan mati ni. heheh*. then, i quit. i decided to wait til monday and continue later at the office.

but then there my boss goes, nagging abt how bad my design was, how complicated it looks.
but somehow i only did it base on the client's design specification. apparently, boss prefers 'modern and MINIMALIST' for his design which makes him practically rejecting my design for the GERMAN guy's house. i had to reprint the drawing that boss amended this morning not long after he saw me coming into the office, and i had to finish up the master bedroom 3D right after that. and he changed things some more, and more and...the story of me, rushing and being nagged by boss goes on till 2.15pm. thats when he had to start his car engine to go meet the client. all by himself. thank god!
unfortunately, i missed the McD lunch with the other officemates yet i had lunch with other 2 colleagues that had to settle things for me. thank you guys!

at the end of the day, boss came back from the meeting and said "ok tiqah.. Thomas ckp die suka dh dgn ur design..die x tuka byk..nnt u tgk comment kt 3D td eh.. patu, die mntk besakn sikit je size pintu..die btol2 suka entrance lobby yg aku dgn man ubah ckit far everythings ok.. cuma, aku nk kau simple kan lg la design save cost ckit.."

ada CUMA jgk tu.. hahaha y not byk cost? the GERMAN guy named Thomas is a businessman for god sake. where else could he be spending his money? y not on the house? huhuh. never mind.
this is ups and downs of the working life after all. cant be blame. at all.

despite all that, i'd like to say good bye to the hectic day, i hope for a better day tomorrow ;)

Sunday, February 7

terlepas :|

disebabkan tidur lambat mlm td, sy terlepas pegi subuh kt surau presint8 mcm biase. tp sempat bangun around 6.45am. nseb baik abah x ungkit lps die balik dr breakfast pg td. hehe. sorry abah mak, next weekend k tiqah teman? ;)

where have all my photos gone?

regarding the matter above (cey, mcm buat essay! teringat SPM dulu hehe),
i find myself too lazy to post some photos abt the current activity that i'v been doing.
haiya, being lazy again aa?
ok nemind nemind, lets see tomorrow if i can tackle a little of my time
to spend on the blog and post photos of the firm, where i headed every weekday mornings.
alright? alright then. time to get some sleep.
lg 3 jam kne gi subuh kt surau p8 mcm biasa ;)
good night world!

Saturday, February 6

1st time in the history of (my)internship.

my boss called!
it was arnd 4.45pm friday the 5th of Feb.
the admin kakak said boss had never asked for the intern whenever he called from his meeting or his outdoor stuff on officehour.

the conversation:

kakak admin : teekay!..boss call. cni cpt.
me :  huh? boss call? teekay ke?
everyone 1 : boss nk ckp dgn kau?
everyone 2 : wuish boss call teekay la.
everyone 3 : haaa abesla kau..

along with the laughs of the gila-gila officemates.

me : (while walking towards kakak admin)..serious ke kak?
kakak admin : ye la, bwtpe akak nk tipu..heyy cpt! (whispering)

i picked up the phone.

me : hello?
boss : ha tiqah, you tgh bwt ape skrg?
me : erm.. OUG bungalow punya 3D.
boss : owh k, dh smpai mne dh? ground floor dh siap smua?
me : (alamak!) im still working on it, tngal maid's room, guest toilet and the studyroom.
boss: ala yg maid's dgn toilet tu nnt dlu.. xya bwt. studyroom tu pun nnt i discuss blk dgn Thomas, let him decide sndiri.
me : owhh ok. but my wallfinishes x siap lg la boss. the feature walls and.. a little bit more laa.
boss : thing is, i need u to start with the upper floor. u dh naikkan wall?
me : wall je dh, blom start with the design. if its urgent i can start by now.
(tgk jam kt tgn, God, dh  nk pkul 5, dh nk blk)
boss : Thomas wants to meet me on monday, so i shud be ready with a few designed spaces.
me : owhhhh...(cuak)
boss :  tell u what.. u stop dlu ground floor, start tingkat atas especially master bedroom and guest rooms yg balinese ngn modern style tu eh..
me : ha alright.. the rest? library and his children's room?
boss : put that on hold dlu, tu x pnting sgt. sng pun kn..

me : haha. hmm ok. no problem.
boss : so, ok. start now eh.. bole x?
me : yeah yeah sure. i'll try my best to put up something before monday.
boss : klu kne bwk blk rmh pn, u bole bwt ehh.. u xdahal kannn? this is ur 'baby' kann..
me : haha.. hmm insyaallah.
boss : ok.. see you monday..
me : ok boss, have a nice weekend.
boss : ok bye.

conversation ended.

unfortunately, boss x reply blk "u too" for the nice weekend. hahaha that IS something..
and my seniors are too laaaazy to help. so i had to do everything by myself. ohwell...interns..

p/s: 'baby' (that boss mentioned) means my 1st individual project which i'll be handling myself but by the help of my senior (which was quite of a 'not helping at all' thing)

Thursday, February 4

not anymore

i used to get dean's lists. thats the luck of my 1st yr studying.
perhaps they're the 'encouragement-gift' from God. thank you Allah.
apparently i dont get them anymore.
despite all the ups and downs i had in my university-life,
i will strive again. thats a promise not just to God and to my parents or friends,
yet most importantly to myself.

i shall get some sleep now. the ruthless babe is gonna break a leg again tomorrow ;)

see yaaah world!

Wednesday, February 3

start over

according to the tittle i straightly typed in after i clicked on 'new post',
i'd like to start blogging again.
previous entrees of mine were sort of --typically empty,
so im starting over.

i am currently in semester 5, i cannot run from the word 'busy' oorrr 'lazy'
but as far as im concern, i'v never been happier!
yes, working (as in, doing the job that i'd probably be doing in another 3yrs from now)
has been alot easier and more fun.

internship is like the foundation of being the real labour ;)
and im loving every second of it!

apparently, i miss my crazy-arsed-studiomates already...

i'll get back to u after isya' prayer ok? terraa!