Thursday, November 5

thank you for being so understanding

Math is easy; design is hard.

— Jeffrey Veen

part 2 of 2nd year, Diploma in Interior Architecture

ok now, im spreading you a bit of my design work during this semester.
just to cheer u up a bit since i'v been away too long ;)
and also to let u kno, i tried so hard to do well on ID,
nk dpt 1st upper and scholar to futher my studies abroad.
though im a bit lazy on doing designs lately
(nak termuntah pun ada kdg2 tu) nk jugak continue ID.
xnk smbung lama2 sgt ^_^
erk? i just realized, im using too many 'a bit' atas ni. hahaha

here we go, click the photo to get a better preview, in another tab. hee.

1st project ; Munchy's Gallery Design.

first stage, is the story board, where i had to sketch and explain
my designs and traffic flows, in the gallery.

manual renderings on the technical drawings. last minute renderings, comot, comot sgt!

5 perspective views and a design of the gallery display furniture(bottom right)

2nd project ; MODISH Boutique Hotel Design. (For Munchy's company)

layouts of ground, 1st and 2nd floors. 3rd floor mls nk tnjuk =\

this is the rear elevation, x nmpk mcm hotel pun, comot! haha

5 perspective views,
will add more to double up the amount, for review day 12thNov.

ok view dkt ckit utk bilik Mini Modish Superior Room ;)

ok, 10 random photos, but i put them in design-stages arrangement la jgk, bg paham ckit.
haih, y are these photos mcm blurry2 ni? saje je nk sabotaj bg nmpk xcantik kn? haha.
ke, mmg x cantik pun cik TK! anwys, haf fun laughing bloggers :P

note: everyone in my studio will have to choose a corporate company for this semester's projects (eg: adidas, maybank, mini cooper, WWF, lego, timberland, levi's, apple, sendayu tinggi, nickelodeon, and etc). one company for each student. so basically, there would be more than 85 designs of galleries/hotels. the one that i posted is just, one random typical design. there a few more that might captivate ur eyes and surprise you, sbb lagi semart gilaaah. kalau dpt, i'll snap some photos on review day alrite? ;)

Wednesday, October 28

too little time

its been a very very tough semester.
and i couldnt catch up on
that much.
i want to get in deans list again, like i did twice in a couple of previous semesters.
im trying and doing my very best to do well.
an answer of not signing into you lately, deary blog.
im sorry.
but heres a sneak peak of wut i'v done a little bit for finals so far :)
its a hotel, a MUNCHY'S corporate hotel, i named it MODISH,
to resemble cheerful yet stylish concept im applying to the designs.
and the building site is at Kellie's Castle, just like a hotel in horror movies.
hahah not! this should be a boutique hotel, SHOULD be. :P

do not whine, i know they look terrible.
especially when i simply snap those photos from my 'cikai' handphone. haha
i only had 10% of my normal sleep just to get them done on due time!
please tell me u like them :D:D:D

the sketched BITE ME restaurant.

compare them, the rendered restaurant :\

main lobby, red and blue? its the corporate colour of Munchy's former logo.

mini gymnasium, just a tiny viewed angle of the space.

an A0 size ground floor plan, this is just the ground floor,
there should be a 1st floor, 2nd floor and 3rd. just imagine!

wish me luck for my presentation this coming thursday 29th. i am going to impress my lecturers, not just on drawings and rendering skills but also by explaining everything in design language, till they drop! hahahha :P

Thursday, July 23

a vacation to remember

"a picture is a fact"

Wednesday, June 17

a decade.

i miss everyone.
especially, my bestfriend.
we havent talk and meet for almost a month now.
i swear, it felt like a decade.

Wednesday, May 27

utk menyesuaikan dgn baju pd hari itu :D

i went to my ortho dentist at the Time Square yesterday. i was in the White Smile -Dental & Braces at the 7th floor around 3.30 and the dentist (as usual) greeted me with a "hello, how r u, hows ur teeth?" followed by a generous smile. and i said "im great, and my teeth are doing great too, i guess hehe" and he asked me to lay down on the dental chair *eh btol ke dental chair ni ? haha*.

i saw an Invisible Braces book he was holding and i instantly asked "invisible braces? looks kewl. issit new?" and he replied "yea it is, it had actually run for some time but i'v been introducing it to other ortho patients just a few months ago". "if its located at da back of the teeth, dont they bother the tongue?". "no, not really, its been created to be very comfortable to use even if the tongue directly touches it all the time". "hoo, dat must be very expensive. huu". "owh.. slightly expensive than yours ofcourse since it wont be seen like a normal braces. besides, the treatment doesnt really take that long you know". and i smiled.

so my treatment started 10 minutes after that and it took him 20minutes to check my progressions and glued back 2 of my anchor braces that'd loosen out with the super glue simen. and do this and that. afterwrds, i chose hot pink and purple rubber bn for this treatment. and heres the result!

he said its a brilliant pick. he liked it and remind his assistant
to order more on these colours. haha

the dentist also said that there'll just be two more sessions with him and i'll be taking off my braces before the end of this yr. woot, cant wait to see the final result of this super thing on my teeth :P

Tuesday, May 19

for both Khaliff and Khallif <3

9.30 am - Marhaban and for the ladies.
11.30 am- Doa Kesyukuran & Selamat, for the gents and relatives.

The 'Akikah' was held for both of the newborn baby boys,
grandchildren of Hj Saleh and Hjh Baiyah.
Along and AbgLong's 4th baby -Aiman Khallif
(with a double L of which in Arabic letters are describes as 'sabdu' above the 'lam') was born a week after Boi and Kak Ct's 1st baby.
They happens to have the same name but only after Khaliff Yusuff
(Boi's son) was born, Along came to know about it and she pondered
that it was too late to come up with a new name.
So both of them carry the same name
which sounded pretty handsome to me ;)

Unfortunately that day, Along and Aiman couldnt make it to the ceremony
as Aiman had to stay at the hospital (since a week ago) for having
an infection of a rare virus in his body.
Poor little Aiman,hes only 2mnths old n yet had to face such trrible ailment.
Lets all pray for Aiman to get well and come home soon.
We all miss you very much little guy!
(by the time im writing, Aiman is still in the SJMC's icu but Along had just
called said she can now breastfeed Aiman and hes reacting pretty well
to the meds they gave him)

And here some shots that i'd like to share with u guys on the ceremony.

a group of aunties :D

mineral water provided.

the leader of the 'Marhaban'


actually, the photo purpose was the background

goody bags and bunga telur. at the porch.

abah, waiting at the gazebo.

kids outside.

MaTeyh and Alya.

all done!

the caterer, location - front pergola.

thirsty. duduk jap ^_^

chit chatting. we turned the house porch to a leisure area.

my dearest cousin -mirs. my 2nd sis -angah. my aunty, mirs mother.
and si kecil zaraa.

marhaban habis. mom's friends.

does your 60 y/o mother look this young? ;)

Hanna, look at the cam! MaShue and Alesya Hanna.

Along's 1st and 3rd child.

Hannaaa, shenyum laa ^_^

aaaaand, my turn. yee haww!

after the Marhaban. there wasnt enough space at the tent,
luckily we managed a few seats at the gazebo.

see they got the fishpond and waterfall view yg xbrpe nk cantik tu. ngeehee.

ade mcm garden wedding x?
haha it was quite sempit for more than 35 ppl though.

frontier view. see the lady in pink-kurung? dats angah, haha :D

im afraid of cats (only the idea of it jumping on me
or running towards my legs and so on)
but i found dis one really cute. i guess shes my neighbour's cat. yes, she ^_^

haawh how cute is dat?
Khaliff Yusuff and his mother. he'd fallen deeply asleep :)

Boi and Kak Ct, the couple in purple.

shing shing. haha

the family caterer. ever since we moved to Putrajaya.
along's wed, angah's wed, boi's wed and all the fam events.
ohh and soon to come, fudeyn's wed dis sept :)


abah's turn on the guests. hehe
this was taken after doa kesyukuran.

i see GOOOOOOD people :D:D

been here, done that. haha poyos.

Fateema Azzahara. angah's 2nd angel.

aha. gmba hanna byk sbb bkn sng nk pgg bdk ni.
shes afraid of strangers. even her aunties.
and FINALLY shes laughing! yeaaayyh ^_^

PakLang tried to tie Aiesyah Hannani's hair, ended up senget.
i eventually fixed it.

surrounded by relatives.
and habeesss.

haha angah didnt gt the chance to have this kind of picture yet.
sorry ngah, alya took it and fotunately cantik.
huhu i was on my way fecthing my aunt from her friend's house.

and the photographers are ;
Teekay and Alya Humaira
she always accompanies me when shes around.

and i treat myself with a cousinly love edited-photo ^_^

byknye gmba!
ohwell, lets hope i cn post a couple of Aiman's photos yg dh sihat,later :D