Monday, June 14

mom and dad says i deserve it :)

YES finally! alhamdulillah, thank you Allah!
now, the only thing that i need to worry about is my final sem, which is going to be harsh and super duper hard, trust me!
but hey, Allah will always help us in anything rite? So if u r reading this, perhaps a prayer for my final sem to be just fine and a wish gud luck so that i can do GREAT would be very much appreciated :) thank you! hehe


Saturday, June 5

formerly by Frank Sinatra

i supposed i enjoy listening to jazz songs, or even traditional pop.
so soothing, so romantic, such a lullaby.

and this charming guy over here, captivated me.
from my point of view, Sinatra sang the song perfectly but Buble did better. brilliant singing!
Michael Buble kept me mesmerized, and fantasizing of how romantic a guy could be.
the voice the face the style of singing and how goofy and cute he'd act whenever he performs on stage or elsewhere are so irresistible.

im advising you to save ur 5minutes to look and listen to this.
you'll love it as much as i do too, enough said.


//Buble, im officially your biggest fan!