Wednesday, May 27

utk menyesuaikan dgn baju pd hari itu :D

i went to my ortho dentist at the Time Square yesterday. i was in the White Smile -Dental & Braces at the 7th floor around 3.30 and the dentist (as usual) greeted me with a "hello, how r u, hows ur teeth?" followed by a generous smile. and i said "im great, and my teeth are doing great too, i guess hehe" and he asked me to lay down on the dental chair *eh btol ke dental chair ni ? haha*.

i saw an Invisible Braces book he was holding and i instantly asked "invisible braces? looks kewl. issit new?" and he replied "yea it is, it had actually run for some time but i'v been introducing it to other ortho patients just a few months ago". "if its located at da back of the teeth, dont they bother the tongue?". "no, not really, its been created to be very comfortable to use even if the tongue directly touches it all the time". "hoo, dat must be very expensive. huu". "owh.. slightly expensive than yours ofcourse since it wont be seen like a normal braces. besides, the treatment doesnt really take that long you know". and i smiled.

so my treatment started 10 minutes after that and it took him 20minutes to check my progressions and glued back 2 of my anchor braces that'd loosen out with the super glue simen. and do this and that. afterwrds, i chose hot pink and purple rubber bn for this treatment. and heres the result!

he said its a brilliant pick. he liked it and remind his assistant
to order more on these colours. haha

the dentist also said that there'll just be two more sessions with him and i'll be taking off my braces before the end of this yr. woot, cant wait to see the final result of this super thing on my teeth :P

Tuesday, May 19

for both Khaliff and Khallif <3

9.30 am - Marhaban and for the ladies.
11.30 am- Doa Kesyukuran & Selamat, for the gents and relatives.

The 'Akikah' was held for both of the newborn baby boys,
grandchildren of Hj Saleh and Hjh Baiyah.
Along and AbgLong's 4th baby -Aiman Khallif
(with a double L of which in Arabic letters are describes as 'sabdu' above the 'lam') was born a week after Boi and Kak Ct's 1st baby.
They happens to have the same name but only after Khaliff Yusuff
(Boi's son) was born, Along came to know about it and she pondered
that it was too late to come up with a new name.
So both of them carry the same name
which sounded pretty handsome to me ;)

Unfortunately that day, Along and Aiman couldnt make it to the ceremony
as Aiman had to stay at the hospital (since a week ago) for having
an infection of a rare virus in his body.
Poor little Aiman,hes only 2mnths old n yet had to face such trrible ailment.
Lets all pray for Aiman to get well and come home soon.
We all miss you very much little guy!
(by the time im writing, Aiman is still in the SJMC's icu but Along had just
called said she can now breastfeed Aiman and hes reacting pretty well
to the meds they gave him)

And here some shots that i'd like to share with u guys on the ceremony.

a group of aunties :D

mineral water provided.

the leader of the 'Marhaban'


actually, the photo purpose was the background

goody bags and bunga telur. at the porch.

abah, waiting at the gazebo.

kids outside.

MaTeyh and Alya.

all done!

the caterer, location - front pergola.

thirsty. duduk jap ^_^

chit chatting. we turned the house porch to a leisure area.

my dearest cousin -mirs. my 2nd sis -angah. my aunty, mirs mother.
and si kecil zaraa.

marhaban habis. mom's friends.

does your 60 y/o mother look this young? ;)

Hanna, look at the cam! MaShue and Alesya Hanna.

Along's 1st and 3rd child.

Hannaaa, shenyum laa ^_^

aaaaand, my turn. yee haww!

after the Marhaban. there wasnt enough space at the tent,
luckily we managed a few seats at the gazebo.

see they got the fishpond and waterfall view yg xbrpe nk cantik tu. ngeehee.

ade mcm garden wedding x?
haha it was quite sempit for more than 35 ppl though.

frontier view. see the lady in pink-kurung? dats angah, haha :D

im afraid of cats (only the idea of it jumping on me
or running towards my legs and so on)
but i found dis one really cute. i guess shes my neighbour's cat. yes, she ^_^

haawh how cute is dat?
Khaliff Yusuff and his mother. he'd fallen deeply asleep :)

Boi and Kak Ct, the couple in purple.

shing shing. haha

the family caterer. ever since we moved to Putrajaya.
along's wed, angah's wed, boi's wed and all the fam events.
ohh and soon to come, fudeyn's wed dis sept :)


abah's turn on the guests. hehe
this was taken after doa kesyukuran.

i see GOOOOOOD people :D:D

been here, done that. haha poyos.

Fateema Azzahara. angah's 2nd angel.

aha. gmba hanna byk sbb bkn sng nk pgg bdk ni.
shes afraid of strangers. even her aunties.
and FINALLY shes laughing! yeaaayyh ^_^

PakLang tried to tie Aiesyah Hannani's hair, ended up senget.
i eventually fixed it.

surrounded by relatives.
and habeesss.

haha angah didnt gt the chance to have this kind of picture yet.
sorry ngah, alya took it and fotunately cantik.
huhu i was on my way fecthing my aunt from her friend's house.

and the photographers are ;
Teekay and Alya Humaira
she always accompanies me when shes around.

and i treat myself with a cousinly love edited-photo ^_^

byknye gmba!
ohwell, lets hope i cn post a couple of Aiman's photos yg dh sihat,later :D

Monday, May 11

Mother's Day dont matter?

9.30 am. i walked down the stairs after being awaken by the pemotong rumput machine (serious xtwu nme omputih die. huhu) searching for maa.

me : maa, maaa..

after a while she answered from the kitchen.

maa : haa. nape?
me : happy mothers day maa *hugging her and threw a couple of kisses
on both cheeks*.
maa : mmm. thank u. *smiling enormously and kissed me back*
me : xnk celebrate mkn cupcakes ke? ajk la along skli.
maa : along sebok arini, aiman demam pns. nnt la tkah, arini kte kne
clearkan garden tu. esok2 dh xsmpt kang. busy nk buat goodybags
tu smua. kamu kne tlg along hiaskn buaian aiman nnt kn?
*she reaches 2 gloves and pick up a small knife*
me : mm. tu ari jumaat nnt. then, when r we going to eat da cupcakes?
maa : mkn je la dlu. u dont need to wait for me. alaa, mothers day je pn.
me : ala, but its ur present. maa la kne mkn dlu, alaa after lunch kte mkn
sme2 k ngn smua org?
maa : haa, ckp psl lunch, kamu msk again k today, mak nk bwt kje kt lua ngn abah.
udang sambal ngn sayur pape je kamu nk msk k?
me : mmm. k. *shes already at the front door wearing my worn out flipflops*

1.30 pm. i'd just finished clearing the wet kitchen and climbed up the stairs where i met maa tgh tarik towel kt bilik die.

me : dh siap msk, smyg jap. adek blik ptg eh maa?
maa : kol 2 japg smpai la tu.
me : k.

2.00 pm. there were only me, angah, aiesya n zara arnd the dining table. i already took out the cupcake box from the fridge and turned on the lights at the dining table.

angah: celebrate ke?
me : tah, maa td mcm xksaaah je. *smbil bwt straight face*
angah: ye la, abah pn x blk dr surau lg, fuden kua. adek mne, blom blk eh?
me : blom, jpg kot. maa, jom mkn!

maa pn turun after a few minutes and answered,

maa : la mkn je la dlu. tkah pas mkn vacumkan atas bole?
me : x celebrate?
maa : ala, xya laa byk kje tkah..kmu amk gmba cupcakes tu dh la, kire clbrate la tu.
me : hmm. *trus naik amk camera, turun blk, snap some cupcakes shots n naik blk*

me : spe nk mkn cupcakes tu dlu, mknla, xya tgu tkah.*still at the stairs, running*

aiesya n zara ckp ckp "aiesya naaak mkn cake" , " jhaghaa nak dhughak mama" and probably angah amikkan kot la? cos after that the house seemed to be soooo quite. not the kind of day i'd expcted it to be. huu.

i werent abt to vacum yet, i was dissapointed. so i typed down "" and made the blog below ;). i didnt want to talk abt the dissapointmnt. not just yet. who knows things'll change afterwards?

oh i just realized how late it was, i havnt had my lunch and vacum atas. shortly after i signed out to everything i had signed in, i turn on the vacum and start vacuming each room and the family hall.

5.30 after asar bru i went downstairs and get my late-lunch. mkn smbil tgk tv, sbb bosan tahap max (Angah n ank2 g rmh abg.boi tgk khaliff n kak ct. Mak continued her job outside, die nk jgk settle kn bunge2 die today while abg.fuden cuci kolam. Syaf plak tdo kepenatan g tuition kt kasturi pg td)

penat crte. today ended up being a typical day. family ktorg bkn slalu clbrate pn bnde2 cmni, unless its someone's birthday. really! then theres this inner monologue telling me that its no biggy. no one cares so y shud i? so, i just get over wut happen today.

heres some shots of the cupcakes, to soothe my feelings and to share with u guys on mothers day. im still glad, at least i still got to hug and kiss her eventhough she seems not to really care abt today and abt how excited i was to clbrate with the family.

Lastly, i would like to wish each and every mother in the world, Happy Mother's Day and may u always have the strength to never give up on ur resposibilities as a mother.

Maa, i love u so much. Nothing, yes nothing, could ever change that. U'll always be the queen of my heart. Thank u for everything maa!

Friday, May 8

browsing design

The more that a person brings to design, the better his or her ability to communicate.
-Michael Vanderbyl

Design is more about observing the world around you, then about personal creativity.
-Cam Shaw

and last but not least,

Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space... On the one hand it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure. The intention is to really carve out of a city civic spaces and the more it is accessible to a much larger mass in public and it’s about people enjoying that space. That makes life that much better. If you think about housing, education, whether schools and hospitals, these are all very interesting projects because in the way you interpret this special experience.
-Zaha Hadid, Architect

heres where i found these useful quotes :)

blog owner

hello again :)

Teekay Saleh is pretty much a commercial name for Noor 'Atiqah Binti Saleh regarding a lot of ppl in Malaysia everywhere i go having the same name as i am.
I had turned 20 dis year a couple of weeks ago, on the 23rd April which explains y i love number 23 so much :D
I have 2 married elder sisters, 1 married brother --the other one is a soon-to-be-groom, and a younger sister which makes me the 2nd last child of the family.

My parents are government servant retirees and they decided to continue living in Putrajaya for the rest of their lives, perhaps (my former house was near the Putrajaya Clubhouse, Precinct 8 which was government-quarters and shifted to our own house in Precinct 9, 3yrs ago) . I'v been living in this city for almost 7 years since after i finish primary school and started going for high school here when the only primary and high schools that existed at that time were the ones near my house. But now, there are already, what, 6 high schools and 8 primary schools that i dont even know their exact names? huhu.
Putrajaya is a more comfortable and quiet city rather than KL or JB. I can still breathe in fresh air and jog around in the evening without any insecure feeling.
Bsides, what maters for my family is living peacefully in a small city full of flowers and green plants that has mostly our necessities for living (the infrastructure and so on). ohh have i not tell u, theres no heavy criminals/traffic jams and there are lights everywhere at night. Safety first!
Putrajaya is just arnd half an hour away from KL anyway so i have no problem mingling arnd with friends if we needed to go somewhere else. But apparently, my city is not the kind of place to have fun shopping or hanging out. From my point of view, its quite suitable for a recreational spot, i guess? Frankly, i really love it here. I found supportive bestfriends and a 'special one' that had been helping me through a lot of things and bring a joy of happiness in my life.

ok, back to family and life. My elder siblings are now working at both private and government sectors whom have inculcated me to be a successful women someday soon ;)

Owh, have i told u that i'd encountered various of failure in life?
Perhaps all of u should know that back in school, im not a straight As student nor am i one of the school's best students. But i flaunt myself in sports and that worked well. Im actually good at it and i had been awarded the school's best sportswoman 3 times in a row. I was proud of it, but not as much as my dad were. For an instance, hes always comparing me with my friends who performed better and my cousin who did well. And somehow he'd be bragging abt me not studying while i actually did. Theres this on time he said if i get more than 6As for SPM trials, i can have my braces onn after SPM, which i ended up getting exactly 6As but he was sort of insulting my other subjects that i failed (chemistry and addmaths) and decided not to pay my orthodntist treatment. Thats totally unfair! But after my mom talked abt it with him quite a lot of times, here i am wearing braces, yeay. Fyi, mydad is not that kind of father who can easily give what his children wants. Even when i told him i need running shoes(spikes) was like buying me a tv, for him. He always underestimating me even when there were developments on my studies from time to time and i pretty much cried abt it when i couldnt stand the feeling of rejections. Futhermore, there goes my 2nd elder sister whom always backing my father up and keep on underestimating me each time i told her abt what good things happen at school(abt my subjects ofcrse), like i am the blacksheep of the family when the tittle was supposed to be her's (heheh i actually said that didnt i huh?). Some are born genius and some had to struggle to strive in studies. Basically, im in the one who needs struggling. Deal with it!

I only had 3As for UPSR, 5As for PMR and what even worse was, i got As for only half of the SPM papers i took. What an embarrassment for the family!
So i put on my highest spirit to make my family proud of me again. U are never too late to start over. So i start from applying for the one and only university in mind that wouldnt need a lot of money to start with ; Mara University of Technology or better known as UiTM.

UiTM is an institution of higher education that is under the management of Malaysian government (correct me if im wrong. hehe). They subsidize food, fees and hostels for the students there. Which is y i choose this university at the first place. hehe.
Im very grateful to have the opportunity to join UiTM bcause the course that im studying requires tons n tons of money for assignments and projects.

Speaking of, i already mentioned the course in my earlier post and its very challenging. Time is gold and money flows out like water! But somehow i managed to make it through at my early semesters there.
ohh btw, i have to travel more than 3hours to reach UiTM by bus and that was the reason y im not home that much unless its semester break (at this moment). ohh tell u what, my dad are now slowly feeling proud of me when he sees gigantic achievements while im at the university. hehe mission two, accomplished! Even when hes not saying it, i just knew it, especially the part when he didnt hesitate no more to bank in pocket money more than i expected each time i needed it :)

Let me jot down a little bit of my achievements in those difficult semesters i've been through:
1st sem's result : 3.63 (dl)
2nd sem's result : 3.69 (dl --awwh ckit lg nk dpt 3.7!)
3rd sem's result : currently waiting.

Im looking forward to maintain my dls and go for degree, abroad! But im still contemplating abt what i'll be taking for degree after i graduated diploma.
I'll be going for a full practical in semester 5 (3rd year) and finish diploma in another one and a half year. Dalam ms setaun stgah ni pn nk temuntah muntah bwt projects and re-do drawings, lg kn la lg satu tgah taun nnt? I'd probably have more lines under my eyes/forehead as well as the so-not-attractive eyebags that might not fade away by the cause of lack of sleep, staying up or not having good sleep and doing autocad or 3d max non stop infront of the laptop. haha.

Frankly speaking, if doing drawings and designing things arent your cup of coffee, just forget abt taking Interior Architecture (used to be Interior Design -changed bcause a lot of people misinterpret ID as decorators which we'r actually MORE than that bcause we learn building construction and we can also do buildings- and we still call ouselves as ID students for instance). U might just waste ur money and u end up being insane. haha, no, seriously. I have a group of seniors that gave up at the last minute of submitting their last piece of design just bcause they couldnt stand the pain no more. And there are also a bunch of ID students who had to repeat their 'design' in the next sem, u'll waste one semester for failing one design or the other subjects, its tiring! ok, I'll brief on the subjects later alrite?

Well dats sorta little bit of who i am, ID and bla bla bla. feel free to ask if u wish to know more ;)

breaking the ice

hello bloggers.

i am new and definitely clueless in this world of blogging.

a very dear friend of mine had encouraged me to produce my own blog.
not just for the sake of fun writting,
but also for the others to follow up on my design course
im studying at UiTM, Sri Iskandar, Perak
-or to be in precise ; Interior Architecture.

i'll update on who i am in the next post ;)
thank u for coming in!