Saturday, October 30

im always wrong but you're never right

sorry, this is not for us. see u again in the future :)

Sunday, September 26

wonderful words

i praise Allah for sending me you, my love.
you found me home and sail with me,
and im here with you,
now let me let you know..
you`ve opened my heart,
i was always thinking that love was wrong,
but everything was changed when you came along.

and theres a couple of words i want to say...

for the rest of my life,
i`ll be with you,
i`ll stay by your side, honest and true,
till the end of my time,
i`ll be loving you..loving you..
for the rest of my life,
through days and nights,
i`ll thank Allah for opening my eyes,
now and forever i...i`ll be there for you..

i know it deep in my heart..

i feel so blessed when i think of you,
and i ask Allah to bless all we do,
you`re my wife and my friend and my strength
and i pray we`re together in Jannah, 

only now i find myself i feel so strong,
yes everything has changed when you came along,

and theres a couple of words i want to say..

for the rest of my life,
i`ll be with you,
i`ll stay by your side, honest and true,

till the end of my time,
i`ll be loving you..loving you..
for the rest of my life,
through days and nights,
i`ll thank Allah for opening my eyes,
now and forever i...i`ll be there for you..

i know that deep in my heart..

now that you`re here in front of me,
i strongly feel love..
and i have no doubt,
and i`m singing loud,
that i will love you eternally..

i know it deep in my heart.............

Song by : Maher Zain - For The Rest Of My Life <3

by now most of you Muslims would've heard of this young charming man,
who creates beautiful lyrics, sing wonderful songs, praises Allah..
and just simply captures my heart ;)
girls like me, would die for a guy like him. kaaaaan you girls? hehe.
oh and btw, the long awaited and much anticipated live performance of Maher Zain in Malaysia will be held in Shah Alam October 15th 8:00-11:00 pm at the MBSA Auditorium.
hooraaayy for the fans :) Dini bought a ticket already!
God im jealous of her, got to see my dream guy up close and personal! sangaaatttt. haha
u go Maherzain's-fanatic-fan-girl!

Monday, September 6

i wanted you to be my friend till im old and cranky


diamond in a haystack

it means that its almost impossible to find and when you find it its almost impossible to give it up.
the diamond is of sheer brilliance among the hay, which is of no value at all and this makes it even harder to gave up.

thats the first time i'v ever heard of that 'peribahasa' and it manages to stun me.
im starting to love that line. because its impossible to simply use it ;)

Sunday, September 5

writing more.

i never felt so alone,
especially when the room is empty.
no one to talk to.
no one to hear me out.
no one would understand.
because they'd only put the blame on me.

im writing more, because i feel sad.
this is sad. so sad. too sad. sad!

Wednesday, September 1

because you called me AWESOME :)))

gooooooddd morning sunshine.
say hello to the world,
and let it be another day of joy!

awesome have always been my favourite word (hayley williams sukaaa ckp awesome! because shes awesome tooooooo), and you'v made it more, "favouritier" for me! hahaha

an awesome photo of hayley! favourite of mine <333


Tuesday, August 31

Lets learn literature!

Theres just something about you, i think you're one of the most colourful person if not the most that i've ever met and will ever meet. and im not talking about clothes :)
 - anonymous man 

Another way (by words) of complimenting a woman, ayh anonymous man? Good job! From now on, i'v come to conclusion thattt......
i like literature (well if you call the above phrase so, because from my point of view literature is actually something that requires your mind to think beyond ordinary thinking -of normal/direct sentences, because this phrase is definitely not direct at all kan?)!
It kills somehow, to understand whats the real meaning. But theres always something beautiful about it (literature). alaa just like the Sonnet-18, simply beautiful isnt it? But there were rumours saying that Sonnet-18 is made for a guy, Shakespeare tu GHAAAYYYYY??

Monday, August 30

random, but awesome.

and i smile a lot now,
well im happier somehow.
no i dont know what is up with me,
i laugh too much recently.

despite all the workdloads i need to face at the moment,
at least i know im still, indeed, ha-ha-happy ;)

Friday, August 27

and making pictures, of WHERE THE LINES OVERLAP!

finally! finally finally finally!!!
a wish came true. well not exactly but almost! ALMOST!
this is what i'v been waiting for since 5years back.PARAMORE LIVE IN MALAYSIA! my home-country, people!!!
and im not gonna miss this golden opportunity to watch MY FAVOURITE BAND, can u imagine A SMALL ORANGE-HAIRED GODDESS JUMPING AROUND in front of my eyes? and this time i swear im gonna get the standing pit ticx, wooohhoooo!!

thank you a bunch to Parawhore facebook fanpage for Malaysians and
THANK YOU PARAMORE for making this happen (will)!

Thursday, August 26

designer's stool (katanyaa)

i spent the whole night trying to produce a furniture design board, trying to elaborate in words of what i already designed. believe me, im a last minute person. i dont do good in designs, whenever i feel like putting more effort to it, i ended up doing the most important thing to submit tu last minute jugak. although earlier dah ada other informations and things to put up in the board, somehow smua yg nk letak tu kne squeeze in and rejected, jadi tinggal sikit haa.
what you might see below is the designer's stool board that took me around 6 hours to finish (along with some distractions or shall i say with no full concentration lah senang. haha)

oh and the 3D and vray rendering, was designed and constructed within 2 hours, later after my earlier glossy-printed-board been commented by my furniture design lecturer Mr.Nizam "please put 3D and take off other unnecessary sketches" haha damn, hilang RM10 mcm tuu je, dah la kne print baru lagi, hish. but thats okay, thats what we design students have to face, lack of time lack of money, thats the life. our life :)

boleh lagi cepat je sebenarnye bwt 3d tu tp badan dh lemau time tu x tidur more than 24hours so, yeah, slowww.

Wednesday, August 25

Its Not A Dream Anymore, WHOAH WHOOAAH.

This is one of the most historical moment of my life
and i'd do anything to experience it again! <333

Everdearest Paramore, perhaps 07 / 03 / 2010 was just another ordinary tour concert of yours but that date had officially marked as the undeniably awesome-st night of our lives.
Be a darling and come again to South East Asia soon because we'll be there! Promise :')


Monday, June 14

mom and dad says i deserve it :)

YES finally! alhamdulillah, thank you Allah!
now, the only thing that i need to worry about is my final sem, which is going to be harsh and super duper hard, trust me!
but hey, Allah will always help us in anything rite? So if u r reading this, perhaps a prayer for my final sem to be just fine and a wish gud luck so that i can do GREAT would be very much appreciated :) thank you! hehe


Saturday, June 5

formerly by Frank Sinatra

i supposed i enjoy listening to jazz songs, or even traditional pop.
so soothing, so romantic, such a lullaby.

and this charming guy over here, captivated me.
from my point of view, Sinatra sang the song perfectly but Buble did better. brilliant singing!
Michael Buble kept me mesmerized, and fantasizing of how romantic a guy could be.
the voice the face the style of singing and how goofy and cute he'd act whenever he performs on stage or elsewhere are so irresistible.

im advising you to save ur 5minutes to look and listen to this.
you'll love it as much as i do too, enough said.


//Buble, im officially your biggest fan!

Tuesday, May 11

haraf maaf

saya sakit sakit badan. masih belum hilang akibat mandi pantai dan swimming pool 3jam tanpa henti menemani anak anak buah (dan untuk kepuasan diri sendiri) tiap pagi dan petang selama dua hari berturut turut ketika bercuti di PD. sakit lebih ditambahkan lg oleh ; dua kali berturut turut naik slider yang membuat muscle pain memlampau lampau sebab terpaksa hold on to your life masa naik bendealah tu sebab takut tercampak dalam air laut yang akan mengakibatkan lain lain kecederaan. guess what? pegi PD buat saya turun 1.5kg...0_o...impressive! percaya atau tidak, itu kebenaran, akan tetapi target saya masih lg nk turun another 4kgs. wajib untuk saya!
tapi apa yang saya kurang gembira ialah apabila muka kelihatan gelap oleh sun burn dan kering dan sedikit merekah di bahagian hidung. nasib baik ada nutri-rich-oil yang mama dah lama sarankan untuk moisturizer muka. dah lama rasanya saya tidak berjinak jinak dlm bidang sukan. hahah sukan air ke tu kalau org lain yang tarik kita tapi kita duduk atas bendealah macam pelampung yang boleh muat 3 org lepas itu melambung lambung bila terkena ombak air laut yg dibentuk oleh bot lepas itu bot itu pun memusingkan arah perjalanannya menjadi 360 mengakibatkan slider kami sliding 360 so scary dan buat pening pening lalat dan nervous dan cuak sikit tapi rasa adrenaline nye, fuuuuh, nak naik lagi. itu sebab naik dua kali terus, tiba tiba bagun esok pagi badan rasa macam baru lepas bergaduh dengan beruang setinggi 7 kaki. okeh maaf, saya sudah mula merepek. ok next entry saya akan cuba upload lebih banyak gambar memandangkan jam menunjukkan pukul 2.24am dan saya harus tidur.
tetapi untuk tidak menghampakan kalian, saya upload la satu gambar percutian ini, agar kalian mendapat gambaran apa bendealah yangg saya dan adik dan kakak2 dan abg2 naik sewaktu di pantai PD yg mengakibatkan kami adik bradik sakit badan selama 2 hari and still counting. haha

nah ini lah dia~

until then,selamat menunggu dan selamat malam/pagi~


Wednesday, May 5

Khaliff Yusuf the 6th grandson

a birthday party was held on May 1st at mak-abah's place during the weekend. we literally make a combo birthdays of this cute little boy who had just turned 1yr/o. and his grandmother, which is in specific, my mom, who turned 61 the day before. Khaliff's b'day was supposed to be on March but the baby's parents postponed to a date where everyones available. yes, everyone.

the whole family gathered, yay. along with some relatives and a few of the baby's parents' friends.

i seem to find a peaceful mind when the whole family is in one roof, though the kids are always hectic and too much of a trouble. haha

we didnt plan on to wear red but that color seemed to be the theme already. a coincident, i might add. guess our chemistry really are undeniably strong :D
and i love the fact that we family females put on hijjab most of the time!

got some random photos i took from abg long's facebook. he is the only one with an awesome DSLR, makes everyone depending on him during family events. ngeheh. i somehow ended up being the co-photographer. just 'co'. siapa laa nk hadiahkan a canon of my own. hihihi, so dream dream dream..

 tgk tu, mak ngah sgt~ (mmg makngah pun haha)

maa's new birthdaygift-handba. woweee merah jgk!
sooo the vogue la u nnt maa~

yg ni Aiman Khallif and his mom (my eldest sister).
both babies share a same name with a slightly different spelling
and born in the same yr (basically aiman is a week younger)
but they totally were given birth by different mothers. haha

 khayyum, tak habes2 krete.

aiesyah and khayyum dok mnghabiskan battery i-phone org.

ayah si Khaliff (abg saya la kn) yg boroi hahah :P

angah and her two&only daughters.

now heres the birthday boy!

at the end of the day, smua happyyyy yay! (tiada dlm gmbar, abg fudeyn & his wife kaksue. dh blk dulu pulak)


Friday, April 16

screen captured the tense

if u think u'r smart by using my fren's fb acc to assult me out of the blue, so i cant identify you or something...
well sorry dear, i screen captured your cruel comments is waaay smarter..
just so u know, u r messing with the wrong girl. now karma will hunt u back soon, B.A.B.E~

let me continue your very last post (only because i stopped replying those uneasy comments of yours, klu x mmg menyambung2 lg la kau agknye)

>> "babe,u just under my shadow. and u are not qualified enuf to walk behind, or in front of me., u just can be under my shadow. dont be so snob with ur dean, i dont even care about it, because u are still in DIPLOMA level babe..

and the pathetic thing is u are still in PERAK.haha."

what is a mood bulding anyway? and what is there for me to be jealous of? i wont get anything in return pun.. perhaps, u were the one who had always been jealous-ing of me and MY WORKS agknye..

read my lips - nobodys perfect. i am nobody.- haha to you!


Friday, April 2

a bestfriend in need is a bestfriend indeed

things that once happened to me, happens to you, but with a different kind of settings..its like it came to me first, and u later, haha ayh? mate, tell u what, this is life, this is the challenge of growing up, old and maturer. i mean maturer, not old (because we are young we are free, looking all uber flawlessly beautiful <--gaaah dan dan je haha). 

oh well, if things arent as wut u hoped it wud be by now, then its not urs to begin or to end with.. sooner or later this wont matter anymore, u'll get over it ;). in fact it'll be a lesson to u, i dont know wut kind and in wut way but u might discover it urself one day (ok, im helping u to chill abit here! dont get me wrong. haha)


*09122006.lina's 16th birthday.secret recipe alamanda.

anyways bish, thank you for calling me when u needed a neutral friend to talk to, i felt like important once again, after being super busy for super long and TERdrifted away from everyone including my very own bestfriend.. hahaha. have i told u i missed u, and Dahlia too? ohh how i wish i can turn back to the time when we'r all like cakes, a piece of u and her makes a bunch of me, happy or whatnot, we were completing each other :')


p/s: i almost shed my tears when i laid my eyes on this photo, its been a while..a long and cold while for the three of us...ily bish <3



Tuesday, March 30

JayBee (i found this post in my draft)

this post was unable to publish.
and i decided to republish it. just for the sake of, updates.
mind the date, it was supposed to be posted early March. hah!


its Saturday, 6th of March and i am currently in J.B (Johor Bharu) staying in The Zone Regency Hotel for 3days 2nights with Abg Fudeyn, his wife Kak Sue and my lil sis Syaf. Fudeyn got a Proton R&D (Research & Development) Engineering Booth to handle in this event hosted by Proton with collaboration of Hitz.Fm radio station at Danga Bay. Tomorrow will be our 'another MAIN purpose' of coming to JB. i'll update to u later ;)

BTW, we went to several places with Kak Sue's bestfriend too today, apart from going to the event itself :)
will update the photos later. internet slow la, lmbt sgt upload gmba.


A couple of photos yg dpt load to the blog. haish..


Wednesday, March 17

choosing loose furniture

I went to one (of all, along the road) furniture showroom at Jalan Universiti Petaling Jaya
with my Boss this evening. Boss brought me to VIANI Mobili International to choose some
loose furniture for the current project of Semi-D Showhouse.
The place is nice! Modern and very spacious,
eventhough theres a lot of furniture being displayed.
Right at that very moment, i'v decided that im in loooove with pearlwhite :)

issnt this cute? hehe, my fav ;)

a compulsory shot, and ofcourse this is cuter! :D:D 


Sunday, March 14

dugaan Tuhan 1

- optimism is extremely powerful, so, flash your smile when you feel at your lowest.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah segala urusan dan dugaan yang Kau berikan kepadaku ini dan yang mendatang kelak, Ya Allah. Sesungguhnya, aku hambaMu yang terlalu lemah dan alpa. Tiada yang maha berkuasa selainMu, Ya Allah. Dan kepadaMu ku sentiasa berserah...

Saturday, March 13

Spot the 3D differences

when designers (interior and graphic) turn things to WALLAAA!
my recently submitted project at the firm.

Petaling Garden Service Counter
Lobby - Service Counters + Waiting Area

Meeting Room + Credit Payment Room + Model Display Area

so, tell me, what do you think? :)


Friday, March 12

we're almost there

after picking up the booked tickets from SISTIC counter,
infront of Singapore Indoor Stadium and inside abg's car :)


Monday, March 8

the undeniably magnificent PARAMORE!


a remarkably significant experience i might as well never forget.

to Paramore, with immeasurable love.

i produced my first 3D

Attic Bathroom.
Mr. Leow's Bungalow.
3D photos is very important to visualize design to the client nowadays,
its one of the skills i'v been learning to improve while being an intern
in Interior Architecture firm that goes by the name A & I Network.

Tuesday, March 2

a healthy activity for a fine weekend :)

 frankly speaking, at this very moment, SKYTREX has moved up to the top of my-favourite-activities-during-weekends-and-holidays list. yay!

y so? i may not jot down the reasons because you shall figure out yourself about this awesome place! just click SKYTREX then you're about to find out y i was and still am in love with the place!

for those who loves nature or practically a WWF fan / follower orrrr a very adventurous person, i strongly believe that you'll love this place as much as i do. perhaps more :)
where? everythings on the link i enclosed above! the website is jam-packed with all the inquiries you might think of.

as for now, let me give u a rough idea about it.
photos below describe how much we enjoyed our time climbing up the trees and flying in the air shifting from one deck to another. fyi, we went on the BIG THRILL challenge for our get-together-with-the-girls over the last weekend :))

Saturday, February 27th, 2010.
10.00am - 12.30pm,  Skytrex junggle.
1.00pm - 2.30pm, KFC Seksyen 7 Shah Alam.

buckled it up? r u sure? wait let me check! 

that zigzac is sooo scary to cross!

 Anis landed on the deck after the 'fly' :D

Anis was waiting for Put to finish her 7th challenge.

Put catwalking, Tiku and Dy waiting turns.
Kyrie, doing the Tarzan Challenge and this 'GAYAT' girl
that kept on 'TERGOLEK', made it to the next round! wohoo!

 woopss =B

  Tiku pun byk tergolek on this part of challenge. hehe

Teekay, Anis, Tiku.
- on 1 above-thetrees-deck. a maximum of 3 people per deck.

wheee!! thats me, flying the *i lost count* time.
flying fox Big Thrill mmg byk. tu sbb its fun! :D

 ok gmba ni kne besa ckit. hehehe
Tiku, Kak Ain, Put, Teekay, Dy, Anis, Kyrie.
muke penat dlm happy. kan kan korg? :D:D

  KFC seksyen7, Shah Alam. Lunch. LAPAAA hee ^_^

 walking towards our transportation.
their sexy baack. auww!

the circle oval of friends. hehe

friendstarship. ily guys. lets do it again wohoo!

the camera memory card corrupted when i was about to transfer the photos to my laptop that evening. i almost cried. but i cool myself off.

i texted Kak Ain and asked what shud i be doing to get the photos back! Kak Ain told me a memory recover software would help, but i dont have that, yet, then i asked my brother since i remembered he had once recovered the files in my laptop when it was almost killed by laptop viruses. Abg said he'd help and try his best but he cant promise to get me the whole photos that'd been lost.

Soon, he managed to get 80% of the photos back, yay!
but apparently most of them are the ones that'd already been copied. not the ones i captured recently. i was even more devastated *because i hoped too much :(. all the thrilling videos i recorded are permanently gone :(( crrrryyyyyy!!!
but hey, at least i still got these photos above :) and im thankful for the pieces that were managed to recovered. thanks Abg, u made the end of my weekend!

i was rather happy having fun with u girls though :)