Thursday, November 5

thank you for being so understanding

Math is easy; design is hard.

— Jeffrey Veen

part 2 of 2nd year, Diploma in Interior Architecture

ok now, im spreading you a bit of my design work during this semester.
just to cheer u up a bit since i'v been away too long ;)
and also to let u kno, i tried so hard to do well on ID,
nk dpt 1st upper and scholar to futher my studies abroad.
though im a bit lazy on doing designs lately
(nak termuntah pun ada kdg2 tu) nk jugak continue ID.
xnk smbung lama2 sgt ^_^
erk? i just realized, im using too many 'a bit' atas ni. hahaha

here we go, click the photo to get a better preview, in another tab. hee.

1st project ; Munchy's Gallery Design.

first stage, is the story board, where i had to sketch and explain
my designs and traffic flows, in the gallery.

manual renderings on the technical drawings. last minute renderings, comot, comot sgt!

5 perspective views and a design of the gallery display furniture(bottom right)

2nd project ; MODISH Boutique Hotel Design. (For Munchy's company)

layouts of ground, 1st and 2nd floors. 3rd floor mls nk tnjuk =\

this is the rear elevation, x nmpk mcm hotel pun, comot! haha

5 perspective views,
will add more to double up the amount, for review day 12thNov.

ok view dkt ckit utk bilik Mini Modish Superior Room ;)

ok, 10 random photos, but i put them in design-stages arrangement la jgk, bg paham ckit.
haih, y are these photos mcm blurry2 ni? saje je nk sabotaj bg nmpk xcantik kn? haha.
ke, mmg x cantik pun cik TK! anwys, haf fun laughing bloggers :P

note: everyone in my studio will have to choose a corporate company for this semester's projects (eg: adidas, maybank, mini cooper, WWF, lego, timberland, levi's, apple, sendayu tinggi, nickelodeon, and etc). one company for each student. so basically, there would be more than 85 designs of galleries/hotels. the one that i posted is just, one random typical design. there a few more that might captivate ur eyes and surprise you, sbb lagi semart gilaaah. kalau dpt, i'll snap some photos on review day alrite? ;)