Friday, April 16

screen captured the tense

if u think u'r smart by using my fren's fb acc to assult me out of the blue, so i cant identify you or something...
well sorry dear, i screen captured your cruel comments is waaay smarter..
just so u know, u r messing with the wrong girl. now karma will hunt u back soon, B.A.B.E~

let me continue your very last post (only because i stopped replying those uneasy comments of yours, klu x mmg menyambung2 lg la kau agknye)

>> "babe,u just under my shadow. and u are not qualified enuf to walk behind, or in front of me., u just can be under my shadow. dont be so snob with ur dean, i dont even care about it, because u are still in DIPLOMA level babe..

and the pathetic thing is u are still in PERAK.haha."

what is a mood bulding anyway? and what is there for me to be jealous of? i wont get anything in return pun.. perhaps, u were the one who had always been jealous-ing of me and MY WORKS agknye..

read my lips - nobodys perfect. i am nobody.- haha to you!


Friday, April 2

a bestfriend in need is a bestfriend indeed

things that once happened to me, happens to you, but with a different kind of settings..its like it came to me first, and u later, haha ayh? mate, tell u what, this is life, this is the challenge of growing up, old and maturer. i mean maturer, not old (because we are young we are free, looking all uber flawlessly beautiful <--gaaah dan dan je haha). 

oh well, if things arent as wut u hoped it wud be by now, then its not urs to begin or to end with.. sooner or later this wont matter anymore, u'll get over it ;). in fact it'll be a lesson to u, i dont know wut kind and in wut way but u might discover it urself one day (ok, im helping u to chill abit here! dont get me wrong. haha)


*09122006.lina's 16th birthday.secret recipe alamanda.

anyways bish, thank you for calling me when u needed a neutral friend to talk to, i felt like important once again, after being super busy for super long and TERdrifted away from everyone including my very own bestfriend.. hahaha. have i told u i missed u, and Dahlia too? ohh how i wish i can turn back to the time when we'r all like cakes, a piece of u and her makes a bunch of me, happy or whatnot, we were completing each other :')


p/s: i almost shed my tears when i laid my eyes on this photo, its been a while..a long and cold while for the three of us...ily bish <3