Tuesday, August 31

Lets learn literature!

Theres just something about you, i think you're one of the most colourful person if not the most that i've ever met and will ever meet. and im not talking about clothes :)
 - anonymous man 

Another way (by words) of complimenting a woman, ayh anonymous man? Good job! From now on, i'v come to conclusion thattt......
i like literature (well if you call the above phrase so, because from my point of view literature is actually something that requires your mind to think beyond ordinary thinking -of normal/direct sentences, because this phrase is definitely not direct at all kan?)!
It kills somehow, to understand whats the real meaning. But theres always something beautiful about it (literature). alaa just like the Sonnet-18, simply beautiful isnt it? But there were rumours saying that Sonnet-18 is made for a guy, Shakespeare tu GHAAAYYYYY??

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